The Electrochemical Workstations from ZAHNER-elektrik have been proven to be one of the most sophisticated, precise and versatile instruments for any kind of electrochemical application for many years. The great variety of our instruments and their extensions allows you to cover any research in your electrochemistry laboratory.

Besides a potentiostat / galvanostat all our electrochemical workstations include also a frequency response analyzer unit (FRA) in their basic configuration. This makes each of our electrochemical workstations a highly versatile basis equipment for a multitude of electrochemical investigation methods on batteries, accumulators and fuel cells as well as on high impedance objects such as coatings and laminates. Due to their hardware extensions slots our instruments can be extended to multi purpose data acquisition and control test stands.

The THALES Z 3 software package is shipped with each electrochemical workstation. The latest THALES software version can be downloaded for free. ZENNIUM and ZENNIUM E, and now the ZENNIUM X and ZENNIUM pro, provide a multitude of methods in the standard configuration and can be extended with options for various applications:

  • high impedance/low current measurements (i.e. Coatings, Laminates, AC-DC-AC)
  • high current/low impedance measurements (i.e. Fuel Cells, Batteries, Super-Caps)
  • acquisition and analysis of electrochemical noise (corrosion)
  • research in photo-electrochemical cells (i.e. OSC, DSSC)
  • and many more other applications…

Direct comparison: Zennium X, Zennium Pro, Zennium and Zennium E

Upper frequency limit 12 MHz 8 MHz 4 MHz 2 MHz
Current range ±4.0 A ±3.0 A ±2.5 A ±2.0 A
Extension slots 10 5 4 n.a.
Max. parallel channels (PAD4) 17 5 5 n.a.